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Terror -- Westland, MI -- October 25th, 2013

The initial line-up for this concert was supposed to be Code Orange Kids, Power Trip, Counterparts, and Terror. Unfortunately Power Trip hit a deer the day of the show and wrecked their van, so they had to cancel the rest of the tour, which blows because I wanted to see them and Manifest Decimation melts my face off. But oh well. Onto the review...

First two bands were Intent and Demolition, who got added at the last minute as a replacement for Power Trip. I'm lumping them together because both bands played for about 7 minutes each. I don't really remember anything other than that.

Next was Build and Destroy, a band with a sort of "thrash" take on hardcore. They're from Detroit so I hear about them a lot but I've never checked them out. They weren't mind-blowing or anything but I enjoyed them and the energy their music brought. I would totally check them out again.

The first of the touring bands was Code Orange Kids. They had a very interesting set. One minute there would be nothing but a drum beat going, the next it would be a chaotic assortment of riffs, and then they would throw a really clam, clean-singing part out of nowhere. I would say it was better than the last time I saw them, but they're just OK in my eyes.

(sorry, no setlist)

Next was Counterparts, our friendly neighbors to the north. They were kind of the odd band out because they have a very melodic sound sort of like The Ghost Inside, but they still got a strong response. I was only a casual fan of them before, but after seeing them I gotta listen to them more. They put out a new album a few months ago, so check it out!

The Constant
I Am No One
Only Anchors
The Disconnect

And finally, the band practically everyone came to see: Terror. Anyone who has ever seen Terror live knows how fun and crazy it can get, and this was no exception. I mean, the place felt like a straight-up warzone during Out Of My Face. However, the setlist IMO was pretty disappointing. They played the exact same set the last time I saw them minus two songs, and the funniest thing is that they are supporting a new album on this tour! Still, even if they played the same songs the next time I saw them I wouldn't care because it's Terror.

Setlist (from the night before but the same songs were played, just in a different order):
Stick Tight
Live by the Code
Spit My Rage
Your Enemies are Mine
Hard Lessons
One with the Underdogs
Return to Strength
You're Caught
Out of my Face
Keep Your Mouth Shut
Keepers of the Faith

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