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Tesseract -- Ybor City, FL -- October 26th, 2013

Arrived in Ybor city a good 2 hours before doors, because i was there to interview two of the bands, Tesseract and Scale the Summit. So we grabbed some food, and did the interviews (wich went great) and headed inside for the first band.

Up first were FL locals Akeldama. Akeldama are definitely one of the better metal bands to come out of this area, and apparently just released their full length album (wich features Ashe from Tesseract on one track), so I'll have to check it out at some point. Akeldama got the crowd going early on, and i was pleasently surprised to see the venue over half full for the local opening band. One thing i should mention is that Akeldama are one of the very few bands that actually use two vocalists properly, I've seen so many bands where their second vocalist is completely unneccisary. I definitely recommend checking out their new album, "Everything Beautiful".

Up next first the first band on the tour package, and also the band i was most looking forward too, Anciients. I've wanted to see these guys for a little while now, their mix of sludge metal and prog thrown in is right up my alley. I was surprised at how well the majority of the crowd accepted and even loved Anciients, people were rocking out, headbanging and just having an awesome time during their set, which was great to see for a somewhat unknown band. I am even more stoked now for the Sepultura/Unearth/Kataklysm show next month.

Now it was time for Scale The Summit. This was my second time seeing this band in 4 months, and they were even better this time around. Scale the Summit continue to show they are by far one of the most impressive instrumental bands out there, I'd go as far as saying they're better than AAL, especially live. Scale The Summit definitely stole the show tonight, and i loved that they changed their setlist quite a bit from their Intronaut tour. Can't wait for them to come back around.

And then it was time for Tesseract. I've never been a fan of djent at all, i can't stand bands like Periphery, but Tesseract are one of the very few exceptions. The crowd went absolutely nuts once Ashe came out on stage, but it was mostly 16 year old girls who were just there to stare at him. Tesseract did something I don't think I've ever seen a band do, they started off with their softest and slowest songs, and got heavier and heavier as their set progressed. I definitely enjoyed their set, i can't say I'd care to see them headline again though.


1)Of Matter - Proxy
2)Of Matter - Retrospect
3)Of Matter - Resist
4)Concealing Fate, Part 2: Deception
5)Concealing Fate, Part 3: The Impossible
6)Concealing Fate, Part 4: Perfection
7)Concealing Fate, Part 5: Epiphany
8)Concealing Fate, Part 6: Origin
9)Of Energy - Singularity
10)Of Mind - Nocturne
12)Concealing Fate, Part 1: Acceptance

Scale The Summit

1)Glacial Planet
4)Atlas Nova
5)The Traveler
6)Dark Horse
7)Olive Tree
8)Narrow Salient


1)Raise The Sun
3)Faith And Oath
4)Built To Die

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