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Originally Posted by Sepultura69 View Post
I'm still holding out a little hope that they will replace all the "world painted blood/god hates us" all songs with older material from 83-85 era for tomorrows show.

Replace World Painted blood with EVIL HAS NO BOUNDARIES

Hate world with Crionics

Disciple with Live Undead

Replace Threshhold with Kill Again.

Also, 19 songs? They were busting out damn near 30 songs a night during their 2011 european tour. They could at least throw in a few more songs. Hell awaits, Chemical Warfare, Behind the Crooked Cross are always nice little additions.

So much this. There's no way Bostaph (or just about any other talented drummer) could do those 25 song sets they were doing in 2011 though. Lombardo's a freak of nature, that's pretty much the only explanation that could suffice for him being able to play those sets.
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