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Man Comic Con has been awesome the past two days. The NWO panel was so much fun to watch. Hearing them talk about matches, backstage, who they hated to wrestle, and all the road stories was just so great.

I got to give to DDP man cause Scott Hall looks amazing. Dude stole the show for sure with his stories. It's just awesome to see him not fucked up you know? I hope he can keep it up.

Didn't pay for autographs or anything haha. Just went up to them all and shook their hands and talked with some for a bit. X-Pac was so awesome cause he didn't give a shit about you paying to take a pic with him or get shit signed. Dude was just taking pics with anyone who wanted one. Was cool as fuck to talk to as well. Got to talk with Hall for a bit as well and told him how awesome it was to see him looking fit and good. He said he's never felt better in his life and that he wants it to stay this way. So hopefully he keeps it up.
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