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The sound at Roseland in Manhattan is complete shit, but very good show overall. Stale setlist from LOG, but the crowd isn't exactly looking for deep cuts unfortunately. There are alot of mongoloids that just want to hit somebody and/or get wasted at big metal shows like this, not as many setlist nerds like we are.
That and not everyone has seen Lamb of God a billion times and may have only seen them once every other album cycle, or not at all. At the first Toronto show Randy asked how many people were at their first Lamb of God show, and about half of the crowd raised their hands and cheered. Even for me, this was my first time seeing them since 2009 when they opened for Metallica, so I had no problem hearing the songs off Resolution they were playing, as well as stuff they didn't play in that support slot 4 years ago like the Palaces songs, and Omerta.
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