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saw this tour tonight in NYC. Testament got a fantastic reaction. Crowd was very into them. I'd imagine Testament is getting a few thousand a night (I know a tiny little bit about this stuff, I'd say at least $4000 a night for a band of their stature, it could be way more) for playing in front of 3000 or so people a night.

The sound at Roseland in Manhattan is complete shit, but very good show overall. Stale setlist from LOG, but the crowd isn't exactly looking for deep cuts unfortunately. There are alot of mongoloids that just want to hit somebody and/or get wasted at big metal shows like this, not as many setlist nerds like we are. So LOG keeps it basic sadly most night. KSE didnt exactly shock me either.

LOG's videos were kinda formulaic at times, but looked great and added dimensions on plenty of their material. And the drum/guitar closeups are always appreciated.
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