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Ghost -- Columbus, OH -- October 7th, 2013

Newport Music Hall

Ghost's set

Recordered intro ("Masked Ball")
1. Infestissumam
2. Per Aspera ad Inferi
3. Con Clavi Con Dio
4. Jigolo Har Megiddo*
5. Prime Mover
6. Elizabeth
7. Secular Haze
8. Stand by Him
9. Death Knell
10. Satan Prayer
11. Genesis
12. Year Zero
13. Ritual
14. Ghuleh/Zombie Queen
15. Monstrance Clock

*Papa Emeritus II said this was the first time they were playing this song.

Skeletonwitch's set

1. Erased and Forgotten
2. Repulsive Salvation
3. Of Ash and Torment
4. Crushed Beyond Dust
5. Burned from Bone
6. Upon Wings of Black
7. Beyond the Permafrost
8. I Am of Death
9. Cleaver of Souls
10. Soul Thrashing Black Sorcery
11. Within My Blood

Skeletonwitch was the only opener that I was aware of.

Everybody in each band was super-friendly before and after the show. I thought the Ghost guys would try to hide their identities, but they didn't at all.
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