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Deicide -- Austin, TX -- October 24th, 2013

Bands playing: Deicide, Disgorge, Necronomicon, Disfigured. Broken Hope didn't play because of the throat-slashing incident in El Paso two nights prior.

Disfigured: Disfigured were pretty cool, had a decent amount of audience interaction, and put on a killer set (their last for a while, according to them) that got the crowd moving every now and then. Despite the sometimes stale reaction, I enjoyed them.

Necronomicon: Necronomicon reminded me a lot of a thrashier Behemoth in appearance and played like madmen for their half-hour or so slot. I'm not that familiar with them, but from what I saw last night, I felt like I should be. This band was insanely tight live.

Disgorge: One giant pig squeal with shitty riffing and dumb song titles (Raping a Retard, anyone?) behind it. I hated every note of their set and I honestly think these guys definitely should have traded places with Necronomicon.

Deicide: Deicide was insane. From the first note to the last shout of the night, these guys killed. Their selection of older songs carefully blended with newer tracks caused constant and frequent chaotic movement from the audience at pretty much every second. Stagediving increased in frequency towards the end of the night, and during the last song, several audience members (including myself) took to the stage to sing "Deicide". Glen passed out his picks frequently during the night to the die-hards at the front row and even mingled with the audience throughout the night (including before the show).

Overall, great concert. Gonna be a little sore for HHFF tonight, but it'll be worth it.


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