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What an amazing night!

This party celebrating Eddie's 30 years in radio was held in the NYC, Times Square Hard Rock Cafe lower level theater area. I was lucky enough to win entry. I don't even know where to begin in my comments. (Thanks to who ever typed or posted the jam set, saved me a ton of typing)

First the Winery Dogs played a 45-50 minute set. Ending with DLR- Shyboy, which the crowd really dug. About 15 mins later the jam session started. Every song was rocking, the band was just as into it as the crowd was. I have to say Bumblefoot is an absolutely amazing player. He played the MSG and Purple songs perfectly. According to my notes, Bumblefoot also played on the T.S. songs with J.J. I also noted during Hooligan, Bello (while playing) basically stared at Peter the whole time with a shit eating grin, and Scott Ian was side stage videoing the whole thing on his camera. Highlights for me have to be Burn w/Harnell (ridiculous), Light up the sky w/steve Brown (of trixter for those that dont know) he absolutely rips!, Rock Bottom, with Michael Sweet, and the 5 song Kiss set. I was losing my mind during Love her all I can! Scott Ian looked like he was in heaven, and I was too. A once in a lifetime gig, I will never forget it. cant wait to see footage on Youtube!

Lamb of God/Testament 10/25
Misfits 10/30
Eagles 11/11
Morbid Angel 11/12
Sepultura 11/18
Overkill/Kreator 11/24
Slayer 11/27

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