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I saw this tour the night after this show in Rochester, NY and DAMN was it a good time! I've seen Wino before but never Saint Vitus and since they hardly ever come anywhere around here I just had to go. Vitus was great, as was Pallbearer, but man I wish the sets would have been a little longer. All in all still a fantastic night of metal and hopefully I'll get to see both of these bands again. Glad to hear that you enjoyed yourself just as much as me.

Also, I've never seen a band that even came close to having as much vinyl for sale as Saint Vitus did at this show. They had to have at least 7-8 different releases, some of which were still factory sealed original pressings from the 80s! I was beyond stoked. I wish I'd have had more money but I was still able to walk away with some good ones.
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