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Originally Posted by jhdeity View Post
Really want to see them live but would love to see 15-18 songs instead of 12 songs with 6 openers.
I understand that. Maybe their set was cut a few songs short b/c they took the stage an hour late. Their set was AMAZING, though... better than I thought it'd be. As far as having too many openers, if the local bands didn't play this show there probably would've been less than 100 people there. The show was almost sold out (500 people) all because Know Lyfe, Beyond The Fallout & Adrenachrome brought their friends & fans. I understand you may not wanna see local bands, but smaller national touring bands like 40 Below Summer & Straight Line Stitch depend on the local openers to promote the shows & sell tickets. Without local support bands, those national bands couldn't tour.

Sorry I didn't mean to be on a soapbox. Glad you're a 40 Below fan!
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