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Originally Posted by idrinkwine732 View Post
In no order:

Bleed - Meshuggah
The Last Baron - Mastodon
Blood and Thunder - Mastodon
Deliverance - Opeth
Cast Down the Heretic - Nile
She Never Noticed Me - Vehemence (Criminally overlooked on my top 10 of 00's)
Terminus (Where Death is Most Alive) - Dark Tranquility
Halo - Machine Head (fuck off)
The Day It All Came Down - Insomnium
Spheres of Madness - Decapitated
My Last Serenade - Killswitch Engage

I would like to see a revision of this.

This is a nearly impossible exercise that would yield different results from day to day for most, but here's my best shot off the top of my head, in no order:

Agalloch - In The Shadow Of My Pale Companion
Agalloch - Fire Above, Ice Below
Wolves In The Throne Room - A Looming Resonance
Virgin Black - ...And I Am Suffering
Overmars - Born Again
Cormorant - Scavengers Feast
Fell Voices - (untitled)
Celtic Frost - Triptych: Synagoga Satanae
Mourning Beloveth - The Sickness
Meshuggah - In Death - Is Death
Lunar Aurora - Die Nacht
Insomnium - Where The Last Wave Broke

EDIT: Assuming this is limited to the decade of the 2000's only (that distinction wasn't made, but as gathered from the timing of the OP), I edited accordingly. Half of these songs wouldn't be here otherwise.
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