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Saint Vitus -- Cambridge, MA -- October 15th, 2013

I know I'm a week late, but here's my review of the Saint Vitus show.

I wasn't sure if I was going to make this show or not, even though I missed Vitus last time and really wanted to see them. About 3 days before, I realized I was going to be able to go. I told my friend from work about it, and he wasnted to go, even though he didn't know Saint Vitus (which is kinda weird since he's a huge doom fan, but had never heard of them). But, he had to work that night. So, I planned on going alone. The day of the show he called me and told me he didn't have to go in cause it was so dead, so I met up with him and we headed into the city.

We parked near the Middle East, and got ready to go ino the show . once we were feeling good, we went in, and the Hookers were about to start (I think there was a local opener we missed). The Hookers played party rock n roll type stuff, singing about Satan and other metal cliches. Fun stuff for some, but not really what I was there for. I was ready to get blown away by crushing doom, which is where Pallbearer comes in.

I was so excited to see Pallbearer, since I missed them at MDF. They got a lot of hype from their album last year, and it was well-deserved. They play sorrow-filled doom that is so heavy and powerful. They played a few new songs that didn't have lyrics yet, but the tracks sounded really good. Great set from Pallbearer, I will definitely see them again! And I can't wait to hear new material from them. My friend was so impressed he got a shirt, and he had never listened to them before the show!

The headliners were Saint Vitus. I have listened to Vitus for a while now, but I've missed the few times they've been around. This time I had to make it, and I am so glad I did. The band sounded so heavy the entire night, every song was spot on. Wino sounded great, and had really good interaction with the crowd. dave Chandler was nuts on guitar, talking to the crowd a lot and showing a lot of energy onstage. They played for I think about an hour and 15minutes. I thought the setlist was really good, they played most of the staples and every song came across really well live. I don't even want to pick favorites, since all the songs were awesome. really fun show!

Saint Vitus setlist:

Blessed Night
Clear Windowpane
Living Backwards
I Bleed Black
War Is Our Destiny
Let Them Fall
The Bleeding Ground
The Troll
The Waste of Time
Shooting Gallery
White Stallions

Dying Inside
Born Too Late
8/17 High on Fire
8/21 Forn
8/22 Morpheus Descends
9/17 Godflesh
10/1 Pentagram
10/9 Corrosion of Conformity
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