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Don't wanna post a full review, so I'll do a mini one here...

Watain show last night

Opening local band was Occult SS. Crusty metal. I enjoyed what I heard/saw online, but they kinda bored me live. Probably the wrong environment for their kind of music/show. I'd def check out their recordings though.

Tribulation was a pleasant surprise. They blew me away completely, so fun and energetic, and weird as shit! I dug the last song they played, that disco beat was SO AMAZING. This was my first time hearing them as well, GREAT first impression.

In Solitude was everything I expected, and more. They were the main reason my GF and I went. I was under the impression they were just insanely weird on stage, but she felt they were pissed due to the cold reception the crowd was giving them. Either way, their energy was amazing, and that drummer... THAT DRUMMER. Dude kicks so much ass.

Left before Watain. Seen 'em twice and not interested in them anymore.
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