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Originally Posted by John The Drummer View Post
I recently saw Drew McIntyre (sp?) in a match, and call me crazy, but that dude has the image of a champion. Get him out of 3MB, brush up his in ring skills, and give that dude some more lime light.
I guess you weren't watching 3-4 years ago when he debuted and got a really good midcard push and was IC champ a couple times. He was even endorsed by Vince on TV and his gimmick was "The Chosen One". Drew was just a straight up heatless ass kicker in the gimmick. He still needed to sharpen his in ring and mic skills a bit more but the star potential with him was obvious. For some reason they stopped pushing him, jobbed him out and then started this 3MB nonsense.

He also had a awesome entrance theme during his Chosen One gimmick:

Here's a video compilation of what he can do in the ring:

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