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40 Below Summer -- Lansing, MI -- October 19th, 2013

A local band called Beyond The Fallout played first. I'd never heard of them before, but they were fantastic... an excellent way to start the show.

Next was a band from New York called Pralaya. I liked them a lot, but it seemed like only about 10 people were paying attention to their set. They were good, though.

Know Lyfe played next. This was the 10th anniversary of their first album, so they played a lot of older songs. Their set was incredible. They tore the place apart! Check them out if you've never heard of them.

Know Lyfe setlist
Veins & Vines
Piss, Papers, and Lotion
The Dreamer
The Worm In The Apple Tree (w/ Max from 40 Below Summer)
Blood & Wine
At The Tip of The Blade

Straight Line Stitch was up next. I've seen them a ton of times, and they're usually really solid live, but for some reason this was an off night for them. Oh well, it happens.

Straight Line Stitch setlist
Never See The Day
Laughing In The Rearview
Taste of Ashes (w/ Alfonso from Know Lyfe)
Bar Room Brawl
Black Veil

A local band called Adrenachrome was next. This was the CD release show for their new CD. I watched the first half of their set, but then I went over to the bar to check out the Tigers game (sadly). I liked what I heard, though.

40 Below Summer headlined. I had not seen them in over 8 years. I'm so glad they're back w/ a new record. Hopefully this means I'll get to see them many more times. Their set was so fun! They didn't take the stage until almost midnight, so a lot of people had left. Only about 200 people watched their set, but everyone who left early definitely missed out. It was their loss. The setlist was pretty much perfect, except I am not a huge fan of the song "Taxi Cab Confession." I can't complain, though. Alfonso from Know Lyfe came out to sing their last 2 songs w/ them. That was really cool. Excellent set, and altogether a fantastic evening of live music!

40 Below Summer setlist
Falling Down
We The People
My Name Is Vengeance
Better Life
Bottom Feeder
Taxi Cab Confession
Wither Away
A Season In Hell
Step Into The Sideshow (w/ Alfonso from Know Lyfe)
F. E. (w/ Alfonso from Know Lyfe)
10/11 Shai
10/17 Unearth
10/25 TDWP
11/4 & 5 TGI
11/11 Parkway
11/13 ITB
11/20 MH
4/5 Maiden
4/8 & 9 UO
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