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Cultes des Ghoules - Henbane, or Sonic Compendium Of The Black Arts

I did a search for this and only smearCampaign and hb420 have mentioned it, back earlier in the year.

I just now listened to this and it has to be the best black metal album of 2013. Or, "horror black metal," as that might be more appropriate. There's some shit in this album that actually is a little unsettling, which many black metal bands attempt to pull off in their music but they usually end sounding lame.

Brief disturbing sound samples, check.

Filthy atmosphere, check.

Every imaginable type of vocal, check.

More chunky riffs than you can shake an upside down cross at, check.

Homage to first wave of black metal and even somewhat reminiscent of Blaze in the Northern Sky and To Mega Therion, check.

Trance-inducing and doomy, check.

Wicked as fuck, check.
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