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Anvil -- Toronto, Ontario -- October 19th, 2013

This was one of 4 Anvil shows happening this week in Ontario. On Friday night they played The Rockpile in Western Toronto, and last night they played The Rockpile East in Eastern Toronto. These venues seem to do that a lot; book a band twice for Friday and Saturday, and I think it's great.

I got there around 9:45 as I heard that the second band was going on around then and there were 4 total. This was honestly the worst promoted show I've ever seen, with little to no info about who the opening bands were, and no set time info beyond one of the band members telling me when they went on when I asked when Anvil went on.

Mortal Fear was the first band I saw and they were ok. They were kind of like power/thrash/heavy. Decent stuff, but nothing I'd have to listen to again.

Up next were Caym, which features Robb Reiner's son in the band. Their first song made me think they were a death/thrash band, but then all this groove showed up in their second track. Definitely not my thing. They did a 1 minute cover of Winged Assassins for some reason.

Finally, around 11:30, Anvil hit the stage and played for just over 90 minutes. I had seen Anvil four times before, but this was the first headlining set. They busted out quite a few songs I've never heard them play before (School Love and Winged Assassins were the highlight!). I somewhat expected them to ignore most of their catalogue, but I was genuinely surprised that they didn't play anything from any album between 1987-2004. The only song I've heard before from that era is White Rhino, which they've permanently replaced with Swing Thing as Robb's drum solo. It's a bit disappointing, but it is definitely impressive that they play so many new songs to support their newest record. All 4 times I had seen them had been supporting Juggernaut of Justice, and they switched up the songs they played from that album as well. Edit: I found the prior night's set and it is identical except that we got Mankind Machine instead of Forged in Fire. Source:

March of the Crabs
School Love
Badass Rock 'n' Roll
Winged Assassins
On Fire
This Is Thirteen
Thumb Hang
Through With You
Swing Thing
Hope in Hell
Eat Your Words
Metal on Metal
MankinD Machine

I was really hoping for either Shadow Zone or Free As The Wind, but overall, it's still a pretty killer set for someone who enjoys their two newest albums quite a bit.
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