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Hey all, so I've occasionally posted about an article I've been working on about Impaled and their re-recording of their first album, The Dead Still Dead Remain. Well, here it is!

The whole reason this article came to be was because I saw the band make a post about the album actually coming out on 10/29 over the summer and I was bored, so I sent an email to drummer Raul Varela about possibly doing the article. He said that everyone would be down to talk, and gave me info for contacting Leon del Muerte, who played guitar and sang on the first album, and sang on the re-recording.

I met with Leon first over in Echo Park. He basically went through his entire recorded career in our chat and gave me the bulk of the info for the article. He was just a total pleasure to chat with for an hour or so. Really nice guy, and super candid about his life experiences. I can't wait to run into him at shows here in LA.

Next was bassist Ross Sewage and guitarist Sean McGrath. I first met up with them over at Eli's Mile High Club in Oakland for a Ghoul show- there was this dumb mariachi band playing without any care, and they were even putting their food and beers on Ross' amp head. Fucking idiots. Poor Ross had to drag his cab out of the way and plant a backpack on top of the head so no one would think to put fricken food on it. Anyway, they realized that they needed a WWII helmet to play Ghoul Hunter off of Maniaxe, but Ross was too drunk to drive so I gave him a lift to their rehearsal studio. It was an interesting experience to say the least haha. When we got back, we basically got locked out of the back entrance to Eli's, so my way into the show was screwed. I went home, and from what I heard the show was insane.

I then met with Ross and Sean again at their rehearsal space after a Ghoul rehearsal- that's where the bulk of the material for the article came from. My recorder decided to be stupid and stop recording about halfway through the chat, so I lost about 20-30 minutes of material. It was probably the most embarrassing moment of my entire time doing interviews. Ross stayed for nearly an hour afterward basically saying the same stuff over again for me so I'd have it recorded, and Sean let me call him the next day and do the same thing. Nicest guys in the world, right?

Next was Raul. I had to talk with him on the phone since he was out of town all of the weekends that I was in the bay, but he talked to me for like 45 minutes just recounting all of Impaled's experiences in detail.

Last was guitarist Jason Kocol. He was really tough to get ahold of since he's been working like a dog on the new Rocksmith game, but I finally was able to talk to him for 15 minutes where we just tore through his time with Impaled and his videogame projects. We also talked studio shop a bit- I always love chatting about engineering with people in vastly different recording/mixing situations.

Throughout all this time I was trying really hard to get an interview with Paul Thind from Necropolis Records, Impaled's old label. I emailed him and he said he was down. I replied, "Great, when are you free?" Never got back to me. I called and left a voicemail, never got back to me. Emailed again, dude said "Sorry, been busy, I'll call you later." Never called. I called him again, Paul picks up, says he's busy and asks for me to email the questions, saying that he'd be able to get to them much quicker via email. I email him questions, and he never replies. That was basically it. I know that the article doesn't paint him or Necropolis in the most flattering light (there wasn't really any way to write it differently), but I gave the guy a ton of chances to offer his perspective and he just didn't take the opportunity.

So I spent about two months actually writing the article and hunting for neat photos. Impaled's website had quite a few, as did their facebook page. Leon ultimately sent me about a dozen really great photos of their tour with Nile and Incantation in 2000. I used a couple of them for the article, and I'm hoping to use more when and if I post the full unedited Q&As of my chats with the guys. I would also bother all of the guys again and again on facebook for clarification on stuff they said and all. They were all amazingly gracious and patient to a dumb 20 year old wannabe journalist, which still blows my mind.

Anyway, I hope you guys like the article. I've never put more time or effort into any other piece of writing I've done, so I'm really proud of this thing. I'm pretty sick of standard Q&As, and I had way more fun doing this article than anything else I've written. I have an idea or two for more articles in this style, but I have no clue when or if I'll do them.
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