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Originally Posted by Natrlhi View Post
I believe so. Aaron promised to send them to the first fifty folks who placed orders, if I recall correctly.

I funny thing is, Aaron has actually posted on here a few random times (under the screen name RK2THIS), back when the Cenotes EP was due to be released. If you had a dependable way to contact him through a metal forum such as this one, and you sent him a phot of a rare vinyl that you paid big bucks to get, I'd bet he just might send you one if you asked for it. I'm guessing he has hundreds of them lying around. I seem to remember a publicity photo for that album where they had it in its various forms arranged on a table or something with a bunch of the same teeth scattered around it. I should Google that photo and see if I can find it...

Thanks for the link. Reading through that thread brought me a good laugh. It's fun to read back over things that were said that we've since forgotten.

And I completely forgot one of the band members of Giant Squid made an account to post in the thread dedicated to the Cenotes release. Maybe he'll come back when they announce the new album, as I'm sure we'll all be in a tizzy discussing it and hyping it up and bitching about shirt sizes.

But yes, indeed, I'll send him a private message. Even though he doesn't post here anymore, he'll still get an email notification if he gets a private message, and maybe he'll actually read it and respond to my plea for a shark tooth.

I made an offer on the blue/flesh vinyl copy for sale on discogs, but was declined. I just don't want to pay $120 for it.
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