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Originally Posted by illuminatus917 View Post
Which reminds me, I really need to bite the bullet and cough up the money for one of the vinyl releases of that album.

In 2009 Giant Squid hadn't crossed my radar yet. I didn't learn about them until the following year, the summer of 2010, and thus it was too late to order the album for a reasonable price. By the time I wanted a copy of the album on vinyl they were long gone, and now the prices on the two colored versions are through the roof.

On Discogs (the only place I can find where they're listed for sale):

Green/Orange, 103 copies - $135.42
Blue/Flesh, 174 copies - $120.00

Do you remember if the shark tooth was a perk included with the CD only? I'd love to have one of those.
I believe so. Aaron promised to send them to the first fifty folks who placed orders, if I recall correctly.

I funny thing is, Aaron has actually posted on here a few random times (under the screen name RK2THIS), back when the Cenotes EP was due to be released. If you had a dependable way to contact him through a metal forum such as this one, and you sent him a phot of a rare vinyl that you paid big bucks to get, I'd bet he just might send you one if you asked for it. I'm guessing he has hundreds of them lying around. I seem to remember a publicity photo for that album where they had it in its various forms arranged on a table or something with a bunch of the same teeth scattered around it. I should Google that photo and see if I can find it...

EDIT - Here are them there damn photoez (from the band's FB page):

The first photo is the self-funded original pressing that the band themselves released......................................The second photo is the re-release on Translation Loss (I have a copy signed by the entire band ).
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