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Originally Posted by Natrlhi View Post
I'd love to be sporting this particular shirt, especially along with a cool back story that I bought it from a very metal bloke from Ireland who posts on the same metal forum as I do, but XL just isn't even gonna come close to cutting it for this cat. I take XXL as a minimum, and prefer the roominess of XXXL when I can find 'em.

Good luck getting rid of them, though. Also, congrats on losing the weight (assuming it's by choice, of course).

On a related note, I still wear the brown Mastodon Blood Mountain tour shirt I bought from Cameron (used to post on here as ChildrenofSodom) a few years ago on a regular basis.
S'all good. Thank you, sir! Yes, it has been on purpose, still a little more to go before I reach my goal!

Aye, that's the important part, for me at least, that these shirts go to a decent home! They deserve to be worn.
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