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Ah, OK. For a minute there I was gonna be really ashamed of myself.

Back when The Ichthyologist came out, I was waiting for the day that the pre-order started, and I was so pumped when I got copy #22 of 1000, which was early enough that Aaron included a shark tooth from the floor of the aquarium tanks he used to SCUBA dive in as part of his day job at the time.

I'd have fallen from grace a long damn way if a new Squid album dropped and I wasn't even aware of it until the last minute (or even worse, after the fact).

EDIT: The tooth was from a Broadnose Sevengill (Notorynchus Cepedianus), which undoubtedly inspired the name of Track #6 on the album.

It may have even come from this gal right here:

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