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Danzig -- Niagara Falls, NY -- October 17th, 2013


To Die In Your Arms
As Black As My Heart
Growing Old
Shallow Grave
Killer By Night


Hammer of the Gods
Twist of Cain
Am I Demon
Her Black Wings
Tired of Being Alive
Blood and Tears
Dirty Black Summer
How the Gods Kill
Death Comes Ripping
I Turned Into a Martian
London Dungeon
Astro Zombies
Last Caress
Soul on Fire

Do You Wear the Mark
Die, Die My Darling

Another great show from Danzig. For a guy pushing 60 he still brings the energy on stage and his voice sounded good even though many have claimed in recent years he's lost his voice. The last two times I've seen him have given no indication that he's losing his voice to the extent some like to say he is. I'm not a Misfits fan so I may have gotten some songs wrong. I was just going by what songs setlist fm has listed him doing for most of these shows. The Misfits songs really brought the energy of the crowd up and the pit going. Doyle is a really big dude and in great shape and has a real presence on the stage. Unfortunately, that's really all he has. He just walked around the stage and pointlessly strummed his guitar most of the time. Danzig's guitar player look like he was handling the bulk of the guitar work on the Misfit tunes. Still, it was a very good show and it was awesome to hear Am I Demon, Tired Of Being Alive, Blood & Tears, Dirty Black Summer, Gods Kill, Soul On Fire and Do You Wear The Mark. There was a pretty good turnout for the show and the crowd was into everything Danzig played.

I just recently got into A Pale Horse Named Death so the set might not be exact. I'm sure there was another song they played but I forgot what it was. They were pretty good and it took the crowd a few songs but by the end they were into it. Texas Hippie Coalition was better than I expected and they got a really good response from the crowd and no doubt earned some new fans with their performance. I'm not too familiar with them except for a few songs I've heard on youtube, so I don't know the set for sure.

Butcher Babies were awful and quite and ordeal to get through. If these two chicks weren't hot the band would have nothing going for them at all. I checked out a couple of their songs before the show and thought they were decent but nothing special. They come across terrible live. Their sound just doesn't work in a live setting. For the last 3 or 4 songs there were people actually booing them and wanting them to get off stage. You don't hear that too often at concerts. So it really gives you an idea of how horrible they were.

Just like last time I saw Danzig in 2010, taking pics and videos with your phone was not allowed. I'm fine with that since I hate when people throw their phones up every 12 seconds to get a pic instead of watching the show. It gives the concert an old school feel and people were watching the performance instead of messing around with their phones all night and I love that about Danzig's shows.
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