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Originally Posted by Jasonic View Post
I would trade very well for those.
Do you have any specific wants?
specific bands?

I would definitely trade stuff that's not on my trade list for any of those.

Wow, went to germany??

I think they have Amazon.Ca in Canada!!
I could buy Masquerade used for $36 on, but I paid 12 Euros new for it at the Wacken Metal Market

The only one of those I'd trade is Pile of Skulls, and only for Intruder's "A Higher Form of Killing". Aside from that album, you can try any very obscure thrash albums that might interest me, but I can't see giving up a Running Wild album for any of them except that Intruder CD.

Edit: I'd also be interested in any of the first 3 Malevolent Creation CDs if you have them.
8/29 - Borealis
9/6 - Gruesome
9/9 - Axxion, Amulet, Manacle
10/3 - Hibria

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