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Avenged Sevenfold -- Baltimore, MD -- October 8th, 2013

Full Review

First off: Haters gon hate
Second Off: who the hell booked this tour? Such an odd combination

My brother had an extra ticket, so I went to see this show instead of Battlecross in Frederick. I had not seen Avenged Sevenfold (AX7) before, and like them and Ghost, so this was going to be interesting. And annoying cause the Deftones are horrible

I got there as Ghost was going on, and I don't know if I was really tired or what, but I only recall the songs from Year Zero on, and it seemed like they only played half a set. Other reports I see have them playing their whole set, but they were done about 10 minutes before 8. I don't know...The crowd response for a sing along on "Monstrance Clock" was abysmal. I don't know, but a smaller venue really works better for them. and a more mellow vibe.

Deftones I absolutely hated. I tried to give them a listen, but they sounded like a mess. the crowd seemed to like them, somehow. but I could only try to check my email and troll the internet and peruse recipes.

AX7 finally came on and they were very good, especially with the sound system at the arena. I thought their setlist was a bit weak, but it had wide variety (ballad, rock, metalcore, anthems, etc.), so that was unexpected. I think these guys get a lot of shit for their pop metal or whatever you want to call it, but they had an entertaining show with pyro, Dave and Buster style CGI graphics, and a huge Lich King I mean Skeleton king. I think their tribute to the Rev, while somewhat touching was very Zakk Wylde/DImebag esque. And killed the mood.

Ghost (?must have been before 7:30 -7:49)
  • Year Zero (I came in around this part)
  • Ritual
  • Monstrance Clock

Deftones (?- 9:04)

Avenged Sevenfold (~9:42- 11:18)
  • Shepherd of Fire
  • Critical Acclaim
  • Welcome to the Family
  • Hail to the King
  • Doing Time
  • Buried Alive
  • Fiction
  • Nightmare
  • This Means War
  • Afterlife
  • Guitar Solo
  • Requiem
  • Bat Country
  • Chapter Four
  • Unholy Confessions
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