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Random undercard thoughts:

Why does Tons of Funk have the cheerleaders? If anything, PTP should have them, to complete the athlete theme. Brodus Loser needs to be dropped from the roster and Tensai needs his former role back, just more vicious. There's so many other roster members that can go to local hospitals and cheer up kids, bye bye Brodus.

Aksana needs more air time ASAP. She got a new hairdo and she is SMOKING. Push this woman now.

Way too much R-Truth right now. He's really boring and I mute the TV every time he enters because I can't stand JBL yelling WHAT'S UP over the speakers.

More Zack Ryder is always needed.

And on the "where are they" notes, does anyone have status updates on the whereabouts for these people?

Wade Barrett
Mark Henry
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