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Originally Posted by MPF View Post
Hey guys.

Holy Fuck I was not expecting a thread dedicated to me getting better. thank you so very very much for the well wishes.

A short update on everything that happened. A month a half ago I was diagnosed with Gastritis/Type II Diabetes after being in the hospital for 11 days.

Last Sunday I had to go back to the ER and 2 days later they got rid of my gallbladder.

Right now I am currently going through MAJOR Constipation and it is slowly going away and I am slowly getting better.

Thanks again guys for everything. I really truly appreciate everything!
Hope you get better my drumming homie! Sending all the blastbeats and polyrhythmes your way!!!! If you wanna get rid of your constipation then eat a Tuscan Chicken Melt from Subway..... ugh....

SORRY BACK ON TOPIC! Get well soon bro
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