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Modern Life Is War -- Cambridge, MA -- October 13th, 2013

Really great show. I'm not usually into this type of hardcore (all the bands that rip them off I'm just not into at all, I'm looking at you Defeater) but I really enjoy Modern Life is War. I got out of work late (as usual) the day of the show, so by the time I got to the venue the first 2 bands had already played. They were Sobriety High and Wet Witch, 2 bands I have never listened to.

Anyway, The first band I watched were Incendiary. I had heard this band was really good, so I was glad I caught them. then they start playing and . Tough guy breakdown hardcore, really unoriginal and just boring as hell to me. As usual, windmills and karate kicks up front, I stayed away from that. The singer kept saying how much of an influence MLIW had on him and how happy he was to be there, so I guess they were passionate. I don't know, just run of the mill hardcore to me, not what I like to use my time listening to.

Modern Life is War were obviously the headliners, and the band everyone was there to see. I got kind of near the front, aware that it was probably gonna get crazy. As soon as they kicked in with the intro to "the Outsiders" the place erupted. Everyone screaming the lyrics, crowdsurfing, stagediving. No tough guy bullshit though, so I could stay near the front and have a good time. They played for about an hour, maybe a little less. They had a ton of passion in their performance, and the band seemed really happy to be back together and playing shows. Some highlights for me were "The Outsiders," "Marshalltown," "I'm Not Ready," and "By the Sea." I'll be honest, I never listened to them before they were announced as a headliner for This is Hardcore earlier this year. I looked them up and thought they would be another boring hardcore band, but that is so not true. They have so much passion and emotion in their songs, which is what hardcore is all about. Go see them if you can!

Modern Life Is War setlist:

The Outsiders (AKA Hell Is For Heroes Part 1)
Martin Atchet
Chasing My Tail
Breaking the Cycle
Late Bloomers
John and Jimmy
Cracked Sidewalk Surfer
Young Man Blues
Brothers In Arms Forever
I'm Not Ready
By the Sea
First and Ellen
Hair Raising Accounts Of Restless Ghosts (AKA Hell Is For Heroes Part 2)
11/7 Mortuary Drape/Mgla
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