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Anathema -- West Springfield, VA -- September 13th, 2013

Full Review

Way behind on reviews, but I think people already have posted the setlists.

Mamiffer sounded like they played 1 long drone. IMO one of the worst bands I've seen.

Alcest- need to be in the mood for them, but I thought they were pretty good. Thought I was going to fall asleep during one song!

Anathema- way better than anticipated, I had only heard their slow songs, so when their first song had more uppity energy in it than a lot of the show up to that point, it was ...interesting.

Mamiffer (7- 7:29)

? 1 song?

Alcest (7:44-8:58) (thanks, I can't speak French)
  • Autre temps
  • Là où naissent les couleurs nouvelles
  • Les voyages de l'âme
  • Opale
  • Souvenirs d'un autre monde
  • Beings of Light
  • Sur l'océan couleur de fer
  • Percées de lumière
  • Summer's Glory
  • Delivrance (some new song, allegedly the first time playing)

Anathema(9:31-11) (
  • Untouchable, Part 1
  • Untouchable, Part 2
  • The Gathering of the Clouds
  • Lightning Song
  • Thin Air
  • Dreaming Light
  • Deep
  • A Natural Disaster
  • The Beginning and the End
  • A Simple Mistake
  • Closer
  • Fragile Dreams
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