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Originally Posted by ravenheart View Post
Amazing. There's this Bulgarian clown on Facebook who booked a day off work, as did four friends, to go see Annihilator in London today.

He did this because the Bandsintown Facebook app auto-posted an event page for it. He didn't buy a ticket in advance, and didn't look ANYWHERE else for event details.

Had he looked at the venue website, the official venue Facebook event page, Annihilator's website,, Ents24, any other gig listing site, or any ticketing website, he'd have realised the show was Sunday.

So not only did he, and the four friends who blindly followed him, miss the show and waste a day of leave from work, all because this unofficial event page had the wrong date, but because they didn't buy a tickets in advance, they actually travelled to the venue, tonight, only to find it closed.

Now he's blaming the venue, and saying he'll never attend another show there "even if God was playing".

He even shared the page for the correct date on his timeline. Too much stupid in one post, but so funny.
Oh man, this is totally something my friends would do. They also to seem mix up venues as well. They missed Mayhem back in 2011 because they thought the show was happening a week after it actually happened.
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