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Originally Posted by adamclark52 View Post
So, some more questions about NFL:
- what does "pick-six" mean when they say a quarterback threw three interceptions but one was a pick-six, like it wasn't entirely his fault?
- what does "read option play" mean?
To add on to Manks answer

- The Houston Texans have made history by having throwing a pick six in each of their first six games, five of them thrown by starting QB Matt Schaub, and because of this he has gotten the ill will of the fans, starting with a jersey burning, a local eatery mocking him with a pick six burger and leading up to yesterday when some fans cheered when he injured his leg and had to come out of the game; needless to say a pick six is about the worst thing a Quaterback can do

- The option is some what new in the NFL it is a common practice in college, but now with NFL QB's like RGIII who have great speed, the option play will continue to grow, and we might to see less of the traditional drop back passer that has been a NFL mainstay ever since its birth
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