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Originally Posted by Sanitarium78 View Post
I'm not sure what the point of Rick meeting that woman in the woods was? Maybe they just did it to creep us out a bit or to show how far gone someone can mentally go in this world when they've got nothing left. It may have been a better story if Rick took her back to the prison and helped her get healthy again.
Didn't it have something to do with Rick's guilt and new found pacifism? The show was probably trying to make a connection between this woman, who represents the broken person of the apocalypse, and Rick, who is struggling with the actions and decisions he's made in the apocalypse (hence him giving up weapons and in his own form repenting). The last thing she said to Rick before attacking him, as she resigns herself and fights off guilt for committing another murder, is "there is no turning back." This relates back to Rick. Despite his current "carry no gun" policy," and his trying to make amends for the killing he's done, there's no turning back now for him either.
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