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Originally Posted by John The Drummer View Post
I thought last night was a pertty good episode. Kinda feel like all the new people add way too much to it, but still enjoyable. The Big Lots scene was awesome, and the very ending ... shit.... cant wait to see how that will unfold
I'm not going to be able to watch the entire first half of this season because I'm outside the US in a place that doesn't even sniff stuff like The Walking Dead, so I'm having my mom email episode summaries to me.

It sounded interesting and fairly laid back except for the supermarket run and Rick's little adventure. Apparently he has given up weapons and is the resident gardener?

About all the people. I feel the Woodburians are "zombie kill" reserve, and I doubt they'll be around long. Supposedly one of them already died in the supermarket run. What will be more interesting is the increased size of the core group with the edition of Rosita, Eugene and Abraham. This is going to give the group another alpha male in Abraham. I'm curious if a group of Rick, Daryl, Tyrese, Michone, and Abraham can coalesce. Or if the writers are going to deem it necessary to kill one of these people off.
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