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Originally Posted by El Gordo View Post
That's what I don't really like about it. I don't really care what the half-drunk member of Municipal Waste has to say about Thrash Band X. I mean, there's some good stuff, but not a whole lot of real info. Also, Metal Church has no place in a thrash doc.
There's definitely not much information about the bands, but I liked it for a couple of reasons. Firstly, it's cool to hear anyone talk about some of these more obscure bands, even if there isn't much to add. Perhaps more importantly, this was a great way to discover a lot of bands. I'm not sure how many I learned of from just watching the bonus features, but I'd say probably at least 10 bands.

For what it's worth, I think Metal Church played the line between heavy/speed/thrash pretty well on their first album. I consider them to be speed metal, but I can see why they would be in a thrash documentary. And IIRC one of the guy who talks about them mentions they aren't a thrash band.
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