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Giant Squid -- San Francisco, CA -- October 13th, 2013

This was kind of an oddball show. Giant Squid were headlining a free, all ages benefit show for shark research at a brewery in San Francisco. It was at Speak Easy Brewery and it was in the early afternoon. Giant Squid + Free = Slap's Attendance, so I made my way to San Francisco on a sunday morning. After some screw ups with public transportation on the fault of both Muni and me not knowing the part of town too well, I finally got to Speak Easy around 2:50ish, as the opening band, Winter Teeth, were finishing up their set. I only caught about a song and a half. They were a solid female fronted stoner rock band. The event was benefit/awareness show for the two organizations Ocean Research Foundations and Sea Stewards, raising money for local shark research. So it was a natural fit for Giant Squid to be playing. Around 3:30ish I wanna say, Giant Squid got on stage.

This was my second time seeing Giant Squid, last was in July of 2011, and it was definitely the better of the two I'd say. Giant Squid recently saw the return of original keyboardist Andrew Southard to the band and it was great to hear another dimension added to their already incredible live sound. The band played a mix of material including all of their major releases and also played some new tunes. They started the set off with Dead Man's Fog, a track from their debut EP, Monster In The Creek. The song was absolutely haunting and I could already tell the addition of keyboards to their sound was going to really add. I know it isn't the first time they've had keys, but in more recent years the band has had a stripped down line-up of just guitar, cello, bass, and drums. After Dead Man's Fog, they kept the dead man theme going with Dead Man Fog, which is everybody's favorite song about crayfish. After that, Aaron gave a lil' speech about Shark Fin Soup, which served as transition into their new song Shark Fin Soup. It was a calmer, more eerie tune with cool keys, but also burst into a post-metal explosion every time Aaron sang. After that they played Donner Party, which is literally one of the best jams of all time. If you can't jam to that song, you need to reevaluate your life decisions and pray to the shark gods for forgiveness. They busted out Summit which was . They played another tune, Minoa, which was a fucking sludgy jam and that vibed pretty fucking hard. And they closed the set with Tongue Stones which is definitely one of their best works to date. Seriously every riff in that song is jaw dropping. Overall, I had a complete blast seeing Giant Squid for the price of free.99. Look out for their upcoming album that I"m assuming will drop next year.

Giant Squid
Dead Man's Fog
Dead Man Slough
Shark Fin Soup
Throwing a Donner Party at Sea
Tongue Stones
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