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Originally Posted by adamclark52 View Post
So, some more questions about NFL:
- what does "pick-six" mean when they say a quarterback threw three interceptions but one was a pick-six, like it wasn't entirely his fault?
- what does "read option play" mean?
"Pick" = an interception. As in "Tom Brady was just picked off by Eric Berry" means Eric Berry caught an interception from Tom Brady. So a "pick-six" means someone intercepted the ball, then ran it back for a touchdown, or "6" points.

An option is a play where the QB scrambles with the ball with the running back running alongside him that the QB can shovel the ball off to. It's called an "option" because the QB has the option of running it, passing it, or lateraling it off to the running back. It's mostly used in college because, honestly, it rarely works against an NFL defense. Example

A read option is the QB going to handoff and he can either do that or run it himself, according to what he sees from the defense. if the defense commits to the run inside, the QB can option out and run to the outside with it.
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