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Originally Posted by The Ghost at Number One View Post
Tate's played in San Francisco twice in the last few months, so the opportunity is definitely there. I've no idea, however, how things went as far as turnout is concerned.
I'd be interested to see the turn-out if he comes here. I'd definitely go, because frankly, I like 'Frequency Unknown' more than I like 'Queensryche', but I strongly suspect most fans have "sided" with the others than Tate. Childish though that is.

Originally Posted by The Ghost at Number One View Post
Regarding the set, I think they could stand to add a handful of songs, both new and old. With a catalog as large as theirs, there's no reason they shouldn't be playing at least two hour sets.
Definitely. And they used to. Another half hour of material would be plenty of time to plunder the best of the new album, and add another couple of classics that have been missing for years. They're forcing the choice between the songs people really want to hear, and the new ones, on themselves by only playing 90 minutes.

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