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Originally Posted by fonzbear2000 View Post
Look at Queensryche's Facebook page, their forums, and the reviews on Amazon and then tell me nobody cares about the new album.
That's irrelevant. What the crowd things is what's relevant, so I'm judging it by the flat audience and mass exodus for the toilets/bar/smoking area when they played new songs. Especially when 'Fallout' sounded like complete shit (Where Dreams Go To Die sounded fantastic though), versus the huge response things like Child of Fire, Whisper, Prophecy etc. got, because those are the songs people want to see and those are the ones likely to get dropped for more new songs.

QR did absolutely the right thing with this set. European crowds would have been more than pissed to never get the Return To History set because of a cancellation.

Now, if they'd barely played any new songs on a new NA tour, after you already had the Return To History set, that's different.

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