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Originally Posted by John The Drummer View Post
I have a feeling the first half will be like Season 2, with lots of character building, but the second half will bring the action.
I think the second half will begin the story arc of the journey to the Alexandria Safe-Zone. The evidence for this is the casting of Rosita (who is an actress from one of the Twilight movies ). Not that she couldn't appear during the prison arc, as it wouldn't be the first comic deviation by a long shot, but I have a feeling she will be introduced around the time the group is forced to abandon the prison. This would also mean the antagonists will become The Hunters, by which time I look for the Governor to have perished.

I look for the Governor to perish during the second prison attack, maybe sometime leading up to, or maybe in, the mid-season finale.

As for character building, look for a build-up of Beth and a further build-up of Carol. I haven't a clue what direction Carl is going to go in. I think Daryl's character is becoming mundane, despite what his slobbering fanbase thinks, so I'm going to lose interest in him as a character if the writers don't do something with him in this season. The writers watered him down a lot as a character in season 3, in my opinion, as he was much more intriguing during the first two seasons. I think this will be a "make or break" season for Daryl.

Originally Posted by Sanitarium78 View Post
Also, supplies like food, clean water, ammo and medicine will become even more scarce then ever before. Most of this stuff was taken when the outbreak first started. In the show the outbreak has been going on for over a year now, so the search for supplies is gonna be more of a struggle then ever. Like in the comic, I can see Rick striking deals with other groups of survivors when it comes to getting supplies for his group. People will also kill other people to get what they need.
This is definitely where the Hunters come in.
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