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I hope they bring the action right away. With the lame ass ending they did for the last season they owe the fans an ass kicking season premier.

Don't forget about The Governor, he's still alive and out there somewhere

I think there will be more zombies then ever this season which is only logical. More people will die the longer this thing goes, so the zombie population will greatly outnumber the amount of humans still roaming the earth. Since the zombies mimic each others movements, the size of the herds will be bigger and the longer and further out they will travel to find something to eat.

Also, supplies like food, clean water, ammo and medicine will become even more scarce then ever before. Most of this stuff was taken when the outbreak first started. In the show the outbreak has been going on for over a year now, so the search for supplies is gonna be more of a struggle then ever. Like in the comic, I can see Rick striking deals with other groups of survivors when it comes to getting supplies for his group. People will also kill other people to get what they need.

Overall, I think there's potential for this season to be the best one so far.

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