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Originally Posted by Sanitarium78 View Post
It will still be a kick ass show when we see them next week
Ha, you're right, I'm just a big Danzig-era Misfits fan. They were probably the first band besides Pink Floyd that I got into really hard in my early teens. Hearing you say that you're a Danzig fan and not a Misfits fan is rare. Most of the time I hear about people loving the Misfits but not caring for Danzig's solo material. A lot of the people I know that are going are only going for the Misfits stuff being played. That being said, I love all of it and I can't wait to hear Devil's Plaything damnit! And I too would love to hear more off of III..... Godless and Bodies would be great
10/2 - Krisiun/Origin
10/14 - Crue/Cooper
10/20 - Misfits
10/30 - Hate Eternal
11/7 - Gwar
11/13 - That Metal Show
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