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Originally Posted by Onioner View Post
I'm pretty bummed about having to miss this tour, Raven destroy live and and I would love to see Volture. Diamond Head's really a tribute band at this point though, so they're whatever for me.
I saw the tour at their stop last night in Spokane (I'll submit a report later today) and went in with much that same attitude. I've been a huge Raven fan since '82 and really went to see them play with Diamond Head as just sort of the icing on the cake. I couldn't have been more wrong though -- the headliners laid down some of the heaviest metal riffs I've witnessed live in a long time. At this point Moohan and Wilcox have been with Tatler since the early 90s and provide a rock solid back line. This wasn't the band that created the classic first two records 30+ years ago, but I'm willing to stake that the present line up of Diamond Head is as tight and solid as any in the band's history. If you're in the path of their current west coast swing miss them at your peril.
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