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Hank III -- Santa Ana, CA -- October 10th, 2013

I saw Hank III again at the Observatory in Santa Ana tonight. This time I was able to stick around for the entire show. I picked up elturtleboy at 6 and headed to the venue. We hung outside for an hour and found out GZA is going to perform there for $5 so we went and grabbed some tickets to avoid the online service fees! A little before 8, we headed in and I saw a few friends that I hadn't seen in a long time and talked to them until Hank went on at 8:30. He played straight through until 12:35 and only took one small break at 11:55 to get a quick drink of water!! I seriously don't know how the fuck he can manage to play for so long and not die! I was super happy that he changed the set up from last night. There are around 10 or so different songs on the set. I was in a lot better mood about the show tonight than I was last night. The only annoying thing was some of the stage divers. I completely understand that people stage dive at shows, but they should all take place from the stage. There were people diving off the side rails. The only problem with this is that people are facing away from you towards the stage and are taken completely off guard. There were many drunk guys over 300 pounds deciding it was a good idea to do this and many people got crushed under them. Other than that, the show was fucking perfect! After the show ended, Hank got off stage and took photos with everyone and signed whatever people wanted signed. I had wanted to get a picture with him, but I was super tired and didn't want to wait 30 minutes to get the picture, so we took off.

Country [8:30-10:20]:

1. Straight to Hell
2. I Don't Know
3. 7 Months 39 Days
4. Smoke and Wine
5. Country Heroes
6. Long Hauls and Close Calls
7. Thrown Out of the Bar
8. Rebel Within
9. Crazed Country Rebel
10. Brothers of the 4X4
11. Held Up
12. Pills I Took (Those Poor Bastards cover)
13. Looky Yonder Comin
14. Outlaw Convention
15. Six Pack of Beer
16. Mississippi Mud
17. D Ray White
18. Gutter Stomp
19. PFF
20. Day by Day
21. Ghost to a Ghost
22. Dying Day
23. Toothpickin
24. Trooper's Hollar
25. Dreadful Drive
26. Drinkin Over Mama
27. If the Shoe Fits
28. Low Down
29. Dick in Dixie
30. I'll Never Get Out of This World Alive (Hank Sr)

A Fiendish Threat [10:20-10:50]:

31. Different From the Rest
32. There's Another Road
33. Face Down
34. Can I Rip You?
35. Breakin Free
36. Full On
37. A Fiendish Threat

ADD [10:50-11:55]:

38. Dopesmoker (Sleep)
39. In the Camouflage
40. Make a Fall
41. Living Beyond Doom
42. A Man
43. Bend
44. Fighting the Devils Inside You (Earthride)
45. I Feel Sacrificed
46. Goats "N" Heathens w/ extended outro

3 Bar Ranch [11:55-12:35]:

47. Now There's a Bull
48. 37 Heifers
49. Angus of Death
50. Cow Sold
51. Countin' Cows
52. Longhorn
53. Y Bar Ranch
54. Lot 53
55. Cuttin' Hay
56. Branded
57. Square Bailor
58. Mad Cow
59. Black Cow
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