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Originally Posted by Northern_Shaman View Post
... Do these guys just pick up road kill on their way or what?

Who was playing guitar for them by the way? Is Selim on board again?

Thinking about going to this... How were the first two bands? I've been wanting to see In Solitude again for a while.
No Selim in NYC the night before. Skinny tall youngish looking blond guy playing lead guitar. Didn't recognize him. He looked very out of place. The other Watain guys look like they just rose from the grave. Clothes torn to shreds from years of touring, spikes and chains all tarnished and rusty. This guy looked more like he was wearing a Watain halloween costume. Fresh leather pants, shiny metal studs and spikes. His playing was fine though.

What is the reason Set Teitan never does the US tours?
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