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Diamond Head -- Seattle, WA -- October 9th, 2013

Second time seeing Diamond Head. The new singer sounded pretty good. It was only his second gig with the band so he had to use a lyric book but it wasn't too distracting. Glad we got "Lightning to the Nations" as they didn't play it in Seattle on the 2011 tour.

01. Play it Loud
02. Lightning to the Nations
03. Alimony
04. To Heaven from Hell
05. In the Heat of the Night
06. Shoot Out the Lights
07. It's Electric
08. Give it to Me
09. Sucking My Love
10. The Prince
11. Am I Evil?
12. Helpless

Both Diamond Head and Raven played for a little over an hour. Probably around my eighth time seeing Raven. They didn't have a setlist on the stage and they continue to play a lot of medleys so I don't have the exact setlist. has one from last month in New Jersey that looks pretty close:

01. Take Control
02. Live at the Inferno
03. All for One
04. Hard Ride
05. Breaking You Down
06. Into the Jaws of Death
07. Rock Until You Drop
08. Chainsaw/Fire Power/Speed of the Reflex/Run Silent Run Deep/Mind Over Metal
09. Stay Hard/For the Future
10. On & On
11. Break the Chain/Classic Rock Medley/Break the Chain

Or something like that...

Anyway, it was a good show. Always nice to see some classic NWOBHM. Following Seattle tradition, it wasn't very well attended (maybe 100?) but at least there were more people than the Raven show in Seattle in 2010 which had about 30 in attendance.
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