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I really wish I had been introduced to post-rock at the beginning of high school instead of at the end of high school. I spent entirely too much time during those years listening to metal at the exclusion of everything else, and in hindsight I'm pretty sure if I'd been introduced to different types of music earlier my branching out period would have come much earlier. I don't think I would have been dismissive, I simply lacked exposure.

For that reason I don't resent not starting writing out EOY lists earlier, because looking back on them now there would be a ton of discordance. As it stands, I have very little discordance between then and now, which I partially view as consistency and even "success," but I also attribute it somewhat to the fact that I don't devote large amounts of time to listening to music from years past that never made it to an EOY list. I revisit favorites frequently, but rarely try to discover music of the past. I'm okay with this for two reasons:
1) I don't have the time to find and listen to as much new music as I'd like to, much less the time to find music from preceding years.
2) I genuinely believe the landscape of music is as lush now, in the present, as it's ever been.
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