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Originally Posted by dcmetal108 View Post
So I tried watching a free old stream of Sundays PPV.

Why was Ziggler the dark match?

Couldn't even get through the first match with RVD vs Del Rio. So fucking boring! Plus whats the angle where Del Rios guy is with RVD.
Screw why Ziggler is in the pre-show match, why is Damien Sandow, the current money in the bank holder in the pre-show match and not doing anything relevant? Ziggler is in the perfect spot as show curtain jerker. He's got a decent enough fan base and sells well enough in the ring to get the crowd pumped up right away.

The reason Ricardo was with RVD was because he split from Del Rio and to piss him off he sided with RVD who was challenging Del Rio for the world midcard championship.

The PPV wasn't that good and i'm glad I didn't have the extra money to go to it since it was here in Buffalo. They've done a good job building a couple of the feuds currently but most of the show was just thrown together at the last minute.
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