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Acrassicauda -- Leesburg, VA -- October 6th, 2013

The Iraqi metal band Acrassicauda kicked off their tour in Leesburg, Virginia on Sunday, October 6th at the Tally Ho Theatre. The recently renovated and reopened venue was pretty nice. I think this was their first metal show. I missed the opening band, Silence The Blind, and the black metal band Dispellment was already playing when I got there. The excellent prog band Iris Divine was next and finally Acrassicauda headlined. They played some new songs from their upcoming full length for the first time. While it appears that their line up has changed some since I saw them in 2011 they were still pretty great live. Their set was about 1 hour long. Here's their set list and below that is a photo of it that I shot at the show.

The Unholy Lie
Garden Of Stones
Message From Baghdad
The Unknown
What's Worth
Tyrant's Philosophy

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