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Has music piracy been reduced by services like Spotify and others?

This article on caught my eye and basically the article sums up that the amount of music being pirated has gone down in the past few years. Not to say music piracy will ever go away but ever since I signed up for Spotify a year ago I honestly have not downloaded any albums, nor have I paid for any albums unless the artist isn't on spotify which isn't a lot

I pay a little over $10 a month for Spotify premium which allows me to stream it on my phone which is a data eater but I use it a lot my car vs. radio or CD; I really do enjoy the service and considering a month service equals the cost of one CD it is well worth it, and I most likely will not buy a physical or digital release unless it is super special or rare

so my question to you is do you use services like this and has it reduced the amount of albums you buy and/or download for free?

link to article:
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